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    1. fastspec2
      Sure. I built the carb to head manifold on a cnc mill. Its mostly a solid block with the coolant passages cut into it and then a T-stat housing that bolts to the front.
      The exhaust manifold is weld ells and water cut flanges.
      The inlet plenum that feeds the carbs was just some 5' round tube that i sectioned and weled to base plate, then added the "runners" to the carbs with the little silicone boots.
      Use 98+ katana carbs, epoxy the vents cloed in between the 2 "pairs" of carbs, then drill a hole into the vent and epoxy som 3/16 brake line into it as a new sealable nipple. The factory little black "t's" suck and will not seal nomatter what. This lets you boost ref the bowls properly. The biggest "trick" in the whole deal is getting a good FPR that will get low enough pressure but still raise with boost.
      I still have a few intake manifolds and a few flanges for the ko3 turbo and cylinder head if you are interested or need them.
      I'll help if I can.
    2. JAcktop
      Hey mate I'm very impressed with your samurai setup. Doing something similar myself. Would you be willing to shed a little more information on how you went about fabricating the manifold and also how you modified the carbys? Causing me a bit of grief. Would've much appreciated.
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