1985 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

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By Pro-SC on Dec 26, 2022 at 8:24 PM
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    Feb 8, 2014
    Well I am finally starting a build thread on this car. It has been a long time coming and this car was the reason I joined this site. Had a lot of life got in the way problems while I was getting the parts together for this, mainly having to deal with osteoarthritis in my left hip. I was diagnosed when I was 45 and I had to wait until I was at least 55 before they would do it. Living in chronic pain is brutal and you end up losing friends as you tend to act like a dick sometimes as the pain gets to you some days. But I had the surgery a couple of years ago and it was a total game changer. Now my major issue on being so slow getting this car built is working long hours and being away from home during the week. Well let’s get on with it!

    So I bought this car around 10 years ago from the original owner. Surprisingly the car came from the rust belt of Ontario but was driven out west in its first year. The owner had just completed university and became a chemical engineer. He took a job at Dow chemical here and the car was garage kept and not driven to much.
    He has a triple car garage with his and her beemers and in the middle on a rack was a factory five cobra he just built. The Thunderbird was sitting underneath looking for a new home. I took it for a drive and we made a deal right on the spot. The owner offered the car to his kids but they didn’t want it so I bought it.
    I drove the car for the first summer I had it and it drove great! The 2.3 had a stinger front mount intercooler and had a bit of power but I am a V8 guy and I made a plan to swap in a Windsor.



Discussion in 'The Turbo "Builds" Board' started by Pro-SC, Dec 26, 2022.

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      I got the other header finished and mounted. Have to say that I have never filled so much in my life! Adapter plates would have been so much easier but not sure how well they would have worked. The issue for me is how deep I would be able to get bolts from the ls manifold to the adapter. The plate would need to be thick at least 1/2” more likely 5/8” in order for me to feel comfortable. Silver82gt dropped by with his matching silver F150 and that gave me a break from the filing, always feel free to drop by anytime Kent.
      So now I have to make another bracket for the overflow tank and then I will rivet up the other panel and mount that headlight bucket cover.
      Then I have a few detail items to finish up front. I ordered some coil relocation brackets and will mount those too when the brackets show up. After that I will remount the turbo and start on the up pipes.
      So it took a while but LMR was in touch with scat and the direct shipped me the proper pistons for the 331 kit, but somebody screwed up and they got shipped to Louisville Kentucky, pretty far from Edmonton, Alberta! They reshipped me another set and they should be here on Monday. My eBay score is supposed to show up then too, looking forward to getting that. The upper is still in Montana waiting for me to get it but I guess I will just get them to ship it to me. I have pretty much everything I need for that motor except I forgot to order head bolts. I am looking forward to getting that project moving ahead but don’t have any space to work on it! Still looking at moving into a place with a bigger garage and more parking space, I really hope that happens this summer or fall.



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      For ebay headers they are pretty decent. The welds look great, 1/2” flange that was not warped and when I cut the flange nothing shifted. I wanted to try them as I like the log style for all the extra room it gives. Hopefully they will stand the test of time and not crack. Wish I could make my own headers though, design them perfect for your own set up.
    4. Pro-SC
      So a couple of weekends ago I was doing more trimming on the right header flange in order to fit a socket on the plugs and I had to trim so much away that there just wasn’t enough meat left at the mounting points, so I had to give up on them. I was so bummed out about that as I had put a lot of time and effort into making them work. I mean hours of filling that half inch thick flange, it wouldn’t have been bad if I had a mill or some other less labour intensive way of doing it but I don’t. You Chevy guys don’t realize how good you have it, I mean those headers looked so nice, great welds and the price is a 1/3 of what I have ordered. So I placed an order at stainless headers for there sbf log style manifolds. You can get them in the stock 2” bolt pattern, 2.5” and 3” as well as the TFS high port diagonal pattern. I was thinking of going with the diagonal pattern flange
      But the flange is big and didn’t look the best for plug clearance so I ordered the 3” flange which looks good. I was so frustrated with the whole deal that I didn’t work on the car the past couple of weekends, instead doing work that I had been putting off on my truck. Should have just ordered these from the beginning but was hopeful I could make the ls headers work, especially for the price. Will be posting more regular updates soon.




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      Can't wait to see them. I have wanted a set for awhile but the price is high. How long is the wait time?
    6. Pro-SC
      They only said a minimum of two weeks for them to be built, so hopefully that doesn’t turn into 2 months! You know how that goes….
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