1998 Camaro Z28 / blow-through 5.3 / maybe I'll actually finish this one

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By TurboComet on Nov 13, 2020 at 12:06 PM
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    Oct 6, 2005
    I've always wanted a race car. Anything I've ever built or attempted to build always took the direction of heading towards becoming a race car. As such, I sold my Fairlane project for reasons and bought myself a race car that already has the stuff done to it that always ends up becoming a hurdle or discouraging for me. Here it is.

    1998 Camaro Z28. As purchased it included a 5.3 with an LJMS stage cam, 706's, Precision 7175 turbo, ProEFI 128 system, 4L80E with some sort of 9-inch converter, Ford 9-inch with 4.11's/spool/Strange axles, a basic roll cage, Kirkey seats, Glasstek cowl hood, VFN dash w/Auto Meter instrumentation, and various BMR chassis/suspension upgrades throughout the car.

    The engine is a Gen-III externally, but is claimed to have Gen-IV rods/pistons. This engine will remain in the car for now. I'm currently replacing the 4L80E with a Powerglide & bolt-together converter. The 7175 Precision turbo has been removed, sold, and is being replaced with a Garrett Gen 1 94mm turbo.

    I'm also in the process of removing the ProEFI 128 system. The Holley EFI intake manifold assembly has been removed & sold. IRD Racing is currently building me one of their billet ethanol blow-through carbs. I have a Holley bolt-together carb intake to install on the engine in place of the EFI stuff. I have a Terminator X to run the ignition side & boost control side of things. The A2A intercooler has been deleted as well.

    The Jegs wheels are being replaced with a set of Keizer single bead lock wheels on the rear and their bolted 3-piece front runners. I'll likely run a Pro Bracket Radial on the car to see how I like them.

    Plans for the car are to street race it and participate in some local small tire no prep stuff, as well as to serve for a more relevant test bed for new Hughes products when needed.

    Why I am replacing a known high quality, powerful EFI system with a blow-through carburetor? Simply because I dig blow-through carburetors and have always wanted to try a fancy, professionally built one instead of using my typical home-brewed garbage that I've built in the past. No, I don't care about pros of keeping the EFI system on the car. No, I don't think carbs are better than EFI. I'm building what I like, simple as that.

    I'm not holding out any hopes of serious longevity for the current 5.3 in the car, so I've also acquired an L33 bare block to build a new bullet on the side. I respect the whole SBE thing, but it's not really my bag, so this new engine will feature a forged rotating assembly. I have set of Molnar power adder rods & forged crankshaft on the way. I'm thinking about trying a set of the Summit Pro LS pistons just for the heck of it. I have new custom grind from Dougherty Racing Cams for the L33, as well as a set of the Comp Cams BSR shaft rockers. The new build will either feature a set of mint low-mileage 243's I already have, or possibly a set of Trick Flow 220's money permitting.

    I'm also currently working on re-doing the hot side for the Garrett 94. Current hot side is an On3 T4 kit that actually is surprisingly decent quality and fits the car really well, but I'm doing a truck manifold hot side in its place simply because I like the durability of manifolds and the spark plug access on the driver side will be infinitely more user-friendly compared to what the On3 hot side offers.

    I'll try to post updates as I make progress. Should have the carb hopefully sometime in December at which point that should be the only item left to install so I can start testing.

    Camaro.1.jpg Camaro.2.jpg Camaro.3.jpg Camaro.5.jpg Camaro.7.jpg Camaro.6.jpg
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Discussion in 'The Turbo "Builds" Board' started by TurboComet, Nov 13, 2020.

    1. TurboComet
      Current On3 hot side that I've removed from the car:

      Hot side.1.jpg Hot side.2.jpg Hot side.3.jpg
    2. TurboComet
      New Keizer wheels. 15 x 10 with 7-inch BS single bead lock rears. 15 x 3.5 with 1.75-inch BS 3-piece bolted fronts. I actually won the rear set on a FB raffle which blew my mind, so I ordered matching fronts.

      Keizer wheels.1.jpg Keizer wheels.2.jpg Keizer wheels.3.jpg
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    3. TurboComet
      VSR 50mm BOV & 60mm wastegate to replace the current stuff & support the Garrett 94mm turbo.

      BOV.1.jpg BOV.2.jpg Wastegate.1.jpg Wastegate.2.jpg
    4. TurboComet
      Holley bolt-together 4500 intake manifold. The IRD carb I ordered is a 4150, but features a 4500-pattern base plate. I wanted the 4500 style manifold for the extra plenum volume. I plan on shifting the new engine around 8,200 and using 30+ PSI of boost, and it'll just be what it will be on the current 5.3 in the car.

      Intake.1.jpg Intake.2.jpg Intake.3.jpg Intake.4.jpg
    5. TurboComet
      Holley carb hat. I went with this one because I like the profile and the smooth, gentle short-turn radius in the hat. Maybe it's better, maybe it isn't. It will get an o-ring style spacer welded to it as well so I don't have to worry about pushing a regular gasket out.

      Carb hat.1.jpg Carb hat.2.jpg Carb hat.3.jpg
    6. TurboComet
      Terminator X to run the ignition & boost control.

      Terminator X.2.jpg Terminator X.1.jpg
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    7. TurboComet
      Custom DRC camshaft, Comp Cams BSR shaft rockers, and PRW billet rocker stands that will all go on the new LC9-based build.

      DRC cam.1.jpg BSR rockers.1.jpg Rocker stands.1.jpg
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    8. DTSZ28
      I'll be keeping an eye on this one. I'm currently redoing my s10 turbo setup. SBE 6.0, S480 blow thru. I'm using the msd 6014 for ignition but have been seriously considering making the switch to terminator x for timing control due to the extra features. Just haven't been able to pull the pin yet.
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    9. nxcoupe
      Can't wait to see some et's from the current setup. It's race season in your neck of the woods right?
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    10. TurboComet
      It's always race season in Arizona LOL. Some good street action usually this time of year.
    11. TurboComet
      I'd get that MSD 6014 far, far away from you. Once you peg the built-in MAP sensor the box will default back to full ignition timing and there goes your engine. Lotta blown up boosted LS engines out there thanks to that box.

      If the budget won't allow a Terminator X or Haltech VMS then the Daytona Sensors kit is a good affordable alternative that doesn't have the problems MSD does.
    12. TurboComet
      So this car is a little bit of a shit show, but I was expecting that when I bought it so I'm neither surprised nor disappointed. I removed the 4L80E & torque converter that came in the car to make way for the new Powerglide combo. At that point I was only two more bolts away from having the engine out. I figured since I was a told it was a Gen IV when I bought the car & it turned out to be a Gen III at least externally, I went ahead and yanked it out to see if maybe it had Gen IV rods/pistons in it.

      Got the engine out & discovered whatever asshole got into this engine before me decided to use some Grade 5 all-thread to make a home-made rocker stud for one rocker arm for reasons as of yet unknown. Pretty comical, really. Also found some water in the oil, rusty rocker arms, & rusty pushrods. Looks like it's all due to condensation sitting in the engine for an extended period of time, though.

      Turns out the engine is Gen III all the way through. Rings have been gapped. New King bearings. Someone also put lipstick on this pig with the addition of ARP rod bolts LOL. I'll see if I can get this "custom" rocker stud out of this 706 head so I can slap the thing back together & put it back in the car, then run it until it expires.

      5.3 G3.9.jpg 5.3 G3.1.jpg 5.3 G3.2.jpg 5.3 G3.3.jpg 5.3 G3.4.jpg 5.3 G3.5.jpg 5.3 G3.6.jpg 5.3 G3.7.jpg 5.3 G3.8.jpg
    13. Disney Lincoln
      Disney Lincoln
      What lifters are those?
    14. nxcoupe
      Dr. Bentit, I think.
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    15. TurboComet
      John Bewley told me they're Morel lifters with a special link bar that's required for clearance in a Warhawk engine block.
    16. TurboComet
      Got the short block all sorted out. Turns out the cam is a mystery grind that I haven't been able to successfully identify quite yet, so out it came. Somebody previously rammed the T40 cam retainer plate screws home with an impact wrench from what I can tell, as heat wouldn't budge them and I ended up breaking multiple T40 sockets trying to remove them. I ended up using an air chisel to get the bolts out.

      I installed my Dougherty Racing Cams custom grind so I'd have a known cam in the engine. Verified ring gap & re-torqued all the bottom end fasteners just to be sure since this engine has kinda been a shit show so far.

      Decided to use the heads off my Gen-IV 4.8 since the 706's on this engine were kinda janky. I hadn't paid very close attention to the 4.8 before, and discovered it had (1) 243 & (1) 799 head on it LOL. This is an all-original low mileage take-out engine from a known vehicle, so I thought this was pretty funny. I've heard of this happening with 243's & 799's, but had yet to run into one myself until now.

      5.3 G3.10.jpg 243.jpg 799.jpg
    17. TurboComet
      BTR .685" dual valve spring kit installed on the 243/799 head combo. This turned out to be a super nice kit! Included spring locaters, custom valve stem seals, dual valve springs, titanium retainers, and steel valve locks. Easy to install using the Comp Cams on-head valve spring compressor tool, too.

      BTR .685.1.jpg BTR .685.2.jpg
    18. TurboComet
      Mocked up the Comp Cams BSR shaft rockers & PRW billet aluminum rocker stands, then measured for pushrod length. 7.328-inches put me at zero lash with this combination of parts. DRC recommended 0.030-inch preload with the particular valvetrain combo I have, so I'll order pushrods accordingly.

      BSR rockers.2.jpg BSR rockers.3.jpg
    19. TurboComet
      Had to see how the intake looked on the engine just because. I love it!

      Intake.5.jpg Intake.6.jpg
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