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4.5L build stuffing in 1993 Defender

Discussion in 'The Turbo "Builds" Board' started by sedgehammer, Jul 7, 2024.

  1. sedgehammer

    Apr 24, 2016
    Howdy. I'm building a 1993 110 defender for me boy. We've vacillated over several different engine choices the past couple of months from a 1,000 HP 5.9 24 v to a 600 HP 5.7 twin turbo LS then a 600 HP 6.2L twin turbo LS and now we're fairly well settled on the 4.5L. We need it to get pretty good MPG and around 500/600 HP (yeah, I know). With all that I've been engine searching and I came across this new BLK PRO Cummins on EBAY BLK PRO 4.5L engine. I was lookin at a FED EX truck that has the 4.5L, but that is at a auction next month. Would have to have it hauled here and then take it apart and rebuild it. I think this engine has the ECM with it, but would need to follow up if we decided to go that direction

    We do want the newer engine vs the 3.9L (4BT) engine. A little bigger and better fuel burn with direct injection

    Short story long, anyone have any familiarity with this outfit and/or the 4.5L?

  2. Wallace

    Dec 3, 2004
    Sounds like an interesting project. Where are they getting 270hp? The Cummins site lists the latest euro 6 at 210.
    Reading the description it sounds like the ECU is complex is there a tuning application available?
  3. sedgehammer

    Apr 24, 2016
    we have a guy that said he can tune it. he does a lot of exotic tuning on cars. people from commiefornia bring their cars to him
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