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Chipped turbine impeller. Am i good or not?

Discussion in 'Turbo Tech Questions' started by Nick95, Jun 28, 2024.

  1. Nick95

    Jun 28, 2024
    I got this Borgwarner efr 6758 and I noticed that its missing a bit on the turbine impeller. Was just wondering if this will be ok to run or will it be out of balance?

    IMG_0565.jpeg #ad

    IMG_0571.jpeg #ad
  2. bbi_turbos

    Dec 8, 2021
    Borg efr turbos use titanium-aluminide turbines which are closer to a ceramic material than a metal. It could be polished out and balanced, but without an xray inspection there's no telling if there's any micro fractures. Chances are high that there is with that material. Use at your own risk, personally id consider it a paper weight and order a new supercore.
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