The Internet Racing Calculator (aka the Arizona racing calculator)

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    Are you tired of getting behind the wheel of your "performance" car and going through the effort of actually racing other people?  Perhaps you are sick of getting challenges from cars that don't even have good dyno numbers?   Who wants to waste the energy rowing through the gears and racing?  Why risk the chance of losing and getting humiliated on the internets?  With our calculator you can cut out all of that unnecessary garbage and just sit behind your computer and race!!  Our calculator relies on state of the art dynometer numbers, fractals and long division.  Don't have any dyno numbers?  Don't worry, we have a seperate calculator that can generate dyno numbers for you!  People in Arizona have been using this calculator for years, it is just now being made public to the rest of the world.

    Step 1
    Determine how much horsepower you have.  Street racing is all about horsepower...drivers, traction, and tune, don't mean anything.

    Calculator 1
    This calculator relies on your track mph to give you HP.  We all know you probably haven't wasted the time and money going to a real track, so feel free to use some numbers you read about on a message forum for a car with a similar combination as yours.

    Please note this calculator is very powerful and more accurate than reality, anyone who says differently is stupid and you should call them names on the Internet.

    Please use calculator 1 to get HP numbers for your car and your opponents car which you will then plug into calculator 2.
    Calculate Horepowers from Trap Speed,
    Elapsed Time (E..T.) is for losers, trap speed is real racing
    Vehicle weight in pounds (including driver)
    Don't know?  Just guess, make sure you guess high, that will give you better dyno numbers.

    Trap speed at end of 1/4 mile in mph


    You are making : HP at the rear wheels and HP at the flywheel*.
    JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for the calculation to work.

    *Note:  Assuming a 20% drive train loss.

    Calculator 2
    This calculator will determine the winner of your race.
    Generate Winner
    Your Car Year, Make and Model:

    Your Car's Horsepower
    Rival Car Year, Make and Model:

    Rival's car Horsepower

    JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for the calculation to work.

    Automatic Excuse Generator
    If you ever actually race and you happen to lose, please use this to generate an excuse that will shut everyone up.
    (please click it until you get the excuse that pleases you.)


    If you would like to discuss this revolutionary application please sign up for our forum and discuss your excuses.

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Discussion in 'Misc Articles' started by TTF/Ken, Dec 3, 2012.