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Greenbean gets an HT60

Discussion in 'The Turbo "Builds" Board' started by BBR, Jul 21, 2022.

  1. B E N

    Nov 22, 2016
    I think after 6488 times I would have taped a pad to the latch. :321:
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  2. BBR

    Jan 3, 2013
    It was a endless cycle of: Ow dangit, not gonna do that again. Ow dangit , not gonna do that again. Ow dangit, not gonna......

    Slow learner.
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  3. Krazed

    Jul 6, 2012
    I learned to wear a hat while working under/in cars... since I started shaving my head 10+ years ago I hit my head a lot more! As it turns out, your hair is kind of an "Early Warning System" for incoming attacks from inanimate objects.

    Hats are a decent alternative, and are good at preventing cuts!
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  4. nxcoupe

    Jan 10, 2008
    I'm in the exact same boat, and couple that with being 6'2", my head comes in contact with a lot of things frequently. I'm starting to show signs of the effects of multiple concussions from running head on into rack arms and tires, exhaust clamps, rear end housings, just to name a few.
    Car is coming along, keep at it.
  5. BBR

    Jan 3, 2013
    6'3" here. I'm always crashing my noggin into something. Probably explains a lot. :banana:

    Since I am going to put a Transgo AODE-3 manual valve body kit in this transmission, I want a better shifter. The cheapo one I bought is ok, but has no reverse lockout and just doesn't work nearly as smoothly as the B&M's I have. So I ordered a B&M ProStick for this car. Basically the same shifter that is in the 83GT and in Jake's 95GTS.

    Yesterday, I vacuumed the interior and reinstalled the back seat. I also removed the Bauman trans controller and figured out what wires I need for neutral safety and reverse lights.

    We are getting close to first fire up again!

    I think the list is:
    Trans cooler lines
    Neutral switch

    To drive it needs:
    Shifter installed
    Megasquirt & Ignition igniter mounted
    Brakes bled
    Diff fluid
    Seats reinstalled
    Grease everything
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2024
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  6. B E N

    Nov 22, 2016
    I am also 6'3", evidently clearance challenged people like turbos. Now I understand why you got rid of Nanner.

    I am amazed at your progress, 2 cars going and you still post updates every day. I can't even get my shit together on one. Great work!
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  7. BBR

    Jan 3, 2013
    haha thanks. I've actually been playing with 3 cars. lol I try to fart with at least one everyday.

    The other one besides the 83GT and GB is my oldest son's 95GTS.
    Snapchat-1361710989.jpg #ad

    He picked this car up last year. It is an older build and has some decent parts. 347 with 351 heads, roller rockers, Edelbrock upper, Trick Flow elbow, BBK throttlebody, Summit MAF, 30# injectors, long tubes, unknown cam, 3.73's I think. It had a Tremec 3550 in it, we swapped in my AOD and converter because he wanted to do a single turbo. It ran, but acted weird. No power at upper rpm at all. We undid a ton of previous owner screwups, but the problem persisted. He took it to Colorado with him for a while and worked on it in his spare time. We found the fuel pressure was dropping significantly at WOT so he put a pump in hoping that would fix it. Nope. His spare time dwindled as did his interest because it just would not run right. I brought it back to Texas and have been playing with it and getting it sorted out. The biggest prob it had was timing. We never really looked at it because it didn't give any indication it was screwy. Started fine, didn't get hot, etc. (once we got the fan running the proper direction. lol) Once I got the timing correctly set (it had waaaaaaaaay too much) and an new cap on the distributor (old one was jammed on wrong.... don't ask me how) it really came alive. I think the PO was chasing a low power problem caused by fuel pressure and started messing with timing. I am still monkeying with it a bit for him to fix PO issues, installing gauges, just getting it in decent shape so he can play with it, etc.
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  8. BBR

    Jan 3, 2013
    Started putting the shifter in it today. This will be the third shifter I have had in this car and it hasn't even ran. I guess that is par for this project since it's on its second transmission. Haha. Sheesh.

    I just need to modify the cable mount a little and it'll be finished.

    Snapchat-591606423.jpg #ad
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  9. BBR

    Jan 3, 2013
    Shifter is installed and it is smooth as butter. Each click is so satisfying. I had to modify a C6 cable mount to fit this trans because the kit doesn't come with AOD/AODE/4R70W mounts.

    This one feels so good that it makes the old B&M in 83GT feel kinda bindy and stiff. So, I did what any good gearhead would do. I started messing with it's cable routing and mounting.

    20240416_181035.jpg #ad
    20240416_181110.jpg #ad
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  10. BBR

    Jan 3, 2013
    Gosh, this thing could actually run this weekend. Yikes.
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  11. BBR

    Jan 3, 2013
    Nope. Didn't get to do nothin'. :bah:
  12. Krazed

    Jul 6, 2012
    This is the way.
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  13. BBR

    Jan 3, 2013
    I still have not tried to fire it up, but I did put a battery in it today to see if it would bump over correctly after the 4w70 swap. It does. Win.

    I also robbed the electric water pump to take as a spare for the 83GT on Raceweek. Haha.
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