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This is Part Two of this article. Click here for Part One. After the last section had setup I drilled 1/4" diameter locator holes (8) through the vertical separator flange. This absolutely must be done prior to any release of any of the three molds. The bolts are used to join these halves back...
TTF has added two Dick's Shop Tips videos from Koul Tools to our media section. These are the 2nd and 3rd in his series of simple, handy tips to use around the shop for convenience, safety or to make your life easier in your workshop. Check them out....
This is a little tutorial on distributor installation, mostly for newbies, but some of you experienced guys may find some useful info here too. Put the distributor cap on the distributor. Make a mark on the housing that lines up with #1, (Scratch mark or Sharpie, on a regular HEI, it will be the 2nd sparkplug wire terminal clockwise from the square part that sticks out)), pull the cap back...
Tools required:
Spark plug socket and ratchet or spark plug wrench
Piston stop that screws into the spark plug hole
Crayon, Sharpie, or other device with which to mark the damper
Socket and ratchet for the damper bolt
Small flexible steel ruler or measuring tape

Remove #1 spark plug, install piston stop in #1 cylinder, turn the crankshaft backward with the socket and...
MAF Data Logging And Corrections
Because the MAF and VE are designed to calculate air flow on their own, we now need to turn off VE, and then data log the MAF so we can make any corrections needed. Go back to the Engine Diagnostics screen and under Airflow set the MAF Fail High value back to the value you noted earlier in this document. In my case it's 14,000 HZ.

This multi-part article series covers the installation and use of HP Tuners VCM Suite tuning and data logging software. Their software and hardware covers a large number of vehicles, with more being added all the time. For a complete list see: Note that at the time of writing they have not yet updated this page to cover...

SN95 / Fox Mustang Turbo Build





Below are the diagrams for Incon Turbo Instruction Manual. Click on any image to pull up the full sized image.

Image 1: Exhaust Manifold Sub-Assembly
Image 2: Engine Mount Sub-Assembly
Image 3: Compressor Air-Intake Sub-Assembly
Image 4: Compressor Discharge Sub-Assembly
Image 5: Turbocharger Sub-Assembly
Image 6: Auxiliary Lubrication Sub-Assembly
Image 7: Watercooling Sub-Assembly...
WARNING! INCON SYSTEMS has spent many hours developing this instruction manual to help simplify your installation. We strongly recommend reading the instructions and going over the diagrams before you begin. Not following the instructions properly may result in lengthened installation time or possible damage of components. Once you have completed the installation of your intercooled twin...
87-93 Mustang 302 Single Turbo System. 
Mild Steel, 1-7/8" primaries (1-3/4" avail) 2.5" x-over under oil pan, 3.5" Downpipe (4" avail), tang, V-band.