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Turbo System: PTK kit Precision T-67S 3 core intercooler 38mm Tial wastegate Engine and Management System: 327 ci. (331 stroke crank, rods w/ Standard bore pistons) Dart Sportsman block Eagle zero-balance rotating assembly JE 15cc dish pistons Comp Cams custom turbo grind cam Brodix Track 1 heads UPR polished aluminum valve covers Crane...
Current Combo: Turbo System: Cartech Street Sleeper Kit, T63e Engine and Management System: Stock with 14,000 miles. Induction and Fuel: Dart Windsor Iron Heads 1.72 Rockers GT40 Intake 70mm TB w/73mm EGR Pro M 75mm MAF Mac Cold Air Texas Turbo Under drive Pulleys 255 lph In Tank Fuel Pump T-Rex External Fuel Pump 42 lb Injectors...
So, now you have decided that a turbo is the way to go, where should you buy yours from??? That is a question that you have to answer for yourself by deciding which kit is best for YOU and your car. The following is an unbiased list of all turbo kits that I know of that you can buy new or used. Good Luck! Note: this list is very out of date and should not be relied upon. For all of the...
By Trent Kendall Cartech has a horrible reputation regarding delivery times and delays. For this reason I have decided to document the entire ordering process from beginning to end. I will list every mundane phone call that is made or received. I didn't tell Cartech that I am the owner of this web page either, that way I can get an unbiased impression of them. Although I have a feeling...
Please keep in mind this huge guide was compiled in 2005-2006 so this data may be out of date but please use it as a starting point on your search.  Always call ahead for current pricing and info.

So, now you have decided that a turbo is the way to go, where should you buy yours from??? That is a question that you have to answer for yourself by deciding which kit is...

1979-1995 Mustang turbo kits listing. Keep in mind this list was compiled between 2005 through 2006 and may be out of date. Contact us for any additions or changes to the list below.
Current Combo: Turbo System: Precision 98.5mm turbo Turbonetics CO2 controlled wastegate Air to water under dash intercooler Engine and Management System: 347 CI built by Tyson Dart block Eagle crank and rods Total seal rings Erson cam Twisted wedge Heads (CNC ported) Induction and Fuel: NON PORTED Victor Jr. CSU modded...
This month's feature car is Slo_240sx's 1993 Nissan 240sx with an LS swap. Naturally, it's turbocharged! This car is not only a looker, but I'm quite sure it surprises a lot of people on the streets! Here's the info: Turbo System: T6 Garrett GT4788 with a custom made crossover pipe, 4" Downpipe, intercooler and piping. Tial 44mm Wastegate and Blow off...
Current Combo: 1992 GT 5.0 125,000 original miles Bone Stock Block Stock T-5 w/pro 5.0 shifter Stock Brakes Hellion 62mm kit Dynomax Super turbo exhaust Bassani high flow cat Autometer gauges (tach,boost,water) 75mm throttle body and egr Custom polished upper intake 3 row radiator with 180 thermostat and dual electric fans Manual boost...
Best time as of 3-12-2009: [email protected]

246rwhp / 310 rwtq before turbo
437rwhp / 500 rwtq @ 9psi

Current Combo

Turbo System:

Quicktime Turbo Systems
Precision pt6776h
Tial 38mm wastegate
Tial 50mm Bov

Engine and Management System:
A9P computer
SCT chip
SCT BA2800 maf

Induction and Fuel:
TEA ported...

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